The Beauty Lounge - Established 1999

Phone: (02) 9818 6606

Address: 489 Balmain Road, NSW 2040

After 18 years of looking after and pampering the Inner West of Sydney, the Beauty Lounge has only recently moved to it’s new location in Rozelle.

The Beauty Lounge has always strived to achieve and maintain a Professional and Luxurious feel and standard, in everything that it offers, from Luxury and Specialized Facial Treatments through to the simplest of Beauty routines for our male and female clientelle.

Our Customers demand from us

Premium Customer Service and Satisfaction

To enjoy the Luxury Salon environment we have to offer

Expert Advice regarding Facial and Body Treatments, Skincare and Make Up.

Luxury Beauty Treatments that offer visual Results that can only be achieved through Salon Strength skin care formulations.

The beauty Lounge keeps abreast of the Lastest Beauty Treatment Technologies – then implement them into our Treatment Protocol and Services – weather it be Skin Care Formulations or the Latest in Beauty Equipment , to deliver uncomprimising results to our customers.

The Beauty Lounge is also the home for ADDERTON ® Skin Care and Make Up; Luxury, active Cosmeceutical Skin Care and Beauty Products that correct past and present skin conditions while preventing Future damage.

The Beauty Lounge has introduced the concept of Visual Realisation, with Instant results, for a more Youthful Look.

‘True Beauty Transformation” and its all at our fingertips – contact us to confirm your reservation.